Adsl Vs Fiber Optics: How Each Technology Works

Adsl Vs Fiber Optics: How Each Technology Works

Internet connection speed has always been a problem and is the main complaint of users. But with the arrival of Fiber Optic networks, this was solved, right? Well maybe not in the way that many people expected.

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The truth is that over the years, different fiber optic data transmission technologies have been created, and this caused the appearance of different types of Internet connection services. Of course they are all sold as fiber optic internet because they use this technology in some part of the cabling. But precisely in the wiring and the installation is the main difference between all of them.

First, it is important to understand well some key concepts that we sometimes misperceive due to the marketing to which is exposed for years. So go point by point:

What Is Fiber Optics?

Fiber optics is a data transmission medium used mainly in telecommunications. It consists of a network cable that contains fiberglass strands through which light pulses are sent, these are like 1 and 0 in computers, and it is through them that data is transmitted. The light beam is completely confined in the cable and propagates through the interior of the fiber (Its operation is based on the laws of reflection and refraction of light, you can find out more her ).

It is designed for telecommunications, high performance and long distance data networks. Compared to copper cables, tm plan unifi fiber optic cables provide higher bandwidth and transmit data over longer distances.

Internet Speed

It is important to understand these3 concepts well since there is often a lot of confusion and therefore the appropriate decisions are not made when hiring an Internet service. Then comes the disappointment for not obtaining the expected results.

What Is Internet Speed?

The number of bits per second (Gbps, Mbps, Kbps, etc.) that can travel from unifi my router to the Internet and vice-versa is known as Internet Speed.

It must be taken into account that this is one of the important details that you do not see when choosing an Internet provider. The speed that is regularly promoted in advertising corresponds to the download speed, that is, the data that you can download from the Internet, such as movies, music, photos, web pages that you must visit, etc.

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