BookXCess And How They Branded Themselves Since The Very Start

BookXCess And How They Branded Themselves Since The Very Start

The most fundamental objective for an ordinary businessperson is to be able to earn sufficient amounts from their sales margin in order to cover costs, fixed expenses and so on. However, that is simply not the case in BookXcess. Andrew Yap, a co-founder and managing director of BookXcess once claimed that all individuals should feel affluent enough to purchase books. To them, the endeavour of this business is not solely to obtain as much revenue as possible, but in addition to that, they are striving to promote reading as a useful leisure activity and consequently, to offer books at a rather affordable price for customers than they can possibly discover anywhere else; as one of their mottos that goes “read more for less”.  Books being sold in BookXcess generally cost 50% to 80% less than the original retail price, all thanks to their brilliant technique in purchasing excess books from warehouses in bulks alongside a non-returnable policy, thus the bargainous price negotiated. As of 2021, BookXcess currently owns 10 brick-and-mortar bookstores nationwide and is expecting a new launch by this year located in Tropicana Gardens Mall, Petaling Jaya. 

BookXcess is also the mastermind behind one of the largest book fairs held annually in Malaysia — Big Bad Wolf . Given that they do not earn much from their regular retailing, this book fair has accounted for as high as 95% of their revenue, an amount twice as much as they can regularly obtain. Thus deemed the backbone of their entire business. This highly frequented book fair covers a total of 16 cities across Asia and will gradually make their way through more countries abroad in the near future. With that being said, the locale of Big Bad Wolf has now been relocated to be held digitally on their official website considering the current pandemic. 

Their Precise Niche

BookXcess’ intended audience will be the general public considering their mission as to cultivate readership and increase the number of avid readers nationwide. Moreover, they provide books at a relatively lower price compared to that of their competitors which increases the likelihood of their major endeavor being eventuated. Consumer groups of all economic classes are welcomed to visit the bookstore and discover titles of their preference because of their economy-friendly books which are extremely affordable. With its creatively designed brick-and-mortar bookstores, it is easier for them to turn non-avid readers who hardly even read to book enthusiasts who crave to read as many books as possible in their daily lives. This is because customers are visually attracted by their physical bookstores and begin to feel the urge to enter for their own experience before they even start to browse the wide selection of books available inside. 

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