How to Choose a Family Medicine training in Malaysia

How to Choose a Family Medicine training in Malaysia

The University of Malaya is a public university in Malaysia and has a long history of medical education. It was established in 1908 by the British colonial government. Malaysian medical schools offer 4-year undergraduate courses in family medicine, which is the half-time study and half-time practical training involving clinical rotations and internships. There are also 2-year postgraduate programs that last for 2 years for those who have done their undergraduate degree with honors or with distinction, or 1 year for those who have an honors degree with at least 3 years of relevant experience. The course is taught by doctors and professionals from both governmental agencies such as the Ministry of Health as well as private sector hospitals.  Malaysia has an abundance of family medicine physicians. 

However, these doctors are underutilized in the country. This is because their training does not meet the demands of working in a private clinic or a general practitioner clinic in Malaysia. In order to better prepare their students for the Malaysian market and to increase their chances of success, many medical schools have turned to international partnerships with universities in Western countries. This is one of the many changes that will occur as a result of globalization. The future looks bright for family medicine doctors as they can now work across borders and explore new opportunities worldwide. It is a long-term problem that the country’s medical schools are not able to produce enough doctors. This is mainly due to the fact that most students in Malaysia don’t want to enter family medicine.

Family medicine training in Malaysia

The government has been discussing solutions with its partners and will be looking at ways to increase the number of schools and improve the quality of education. Malaysia has made strides in improving the quality of family medicine training. There are currently 4 medical schools in Malaysia that offer family medicine training. Malaysia’s Ministry of Health approved the plans to establish the Malaysian Academy of Family Medicine in 2010 and is now providing a comprehensive pathway for developing family physicians, including the opportunity to be awarded a formal five-year fellowship in Family Medicine at one of four medical schools, with designated courses offered by these schools. This program was established to provide a world-class education that follows up on the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Health initiatives and provides manpower for healthcare providers across Malaysia, both within and without the country. Malaysia has seen a rapid growth in the number of medical schools. This is partly due to its high proportion of the Bumiputera population, who have become keener on their health care options ever since Malaysia was awarded Asean’s second-largest economy in 2008. There are six public universities that offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in family medicine, with a total of 21 Family medicine training in Malaysia across the country. The government is hoping that by increasing medical education standards and introducing more incentives for people to study these fields, it will be able to produce more specialists with a more diverse range of knowledge.