Installation Of A Drainage System

Installation Of A Drainage System

When installing a roof drain pipe, several features must be taken into account. Vertical pipes are best placed on the sunny side of the building. So that the appearance of the drainage system is attractive, it is better to use a redneck and a pipe of the same color, size, and shape. The gutter system is usually secured with a clamp and rubber gaskets. The clamps are attached to the wall with special pins, which must be treated against corrosion.

According to the installation rules, the vertical pipe should be fixed at a distance of 5-7 cm from the wall of the house. If you do not follow these rules, then the wall will be constantly wet, and this may affect the integrity of its coating. If the distance is greater, then a long clamp will have to be installed, and this can weaken the structure.

When installing the drainage system, it is imperative to take into account the slope. You also need to take care of the tightness of the joints. Folded joints, glued joints and a rubber seal can help in this. Also, don’t forget about welding.

All methods have pros and cons. If you use glue, then it will be difficult to replace one part of the system, which has become unusable. Cold welding is stronger, but not resistant to mechanical deformation. Excellent sealing can be achieved with rubber seals, but they do not like temperature changes and deteriorate.

Outdoor Drainage System

The external drainage system consists of a downpipe, a funnel and a gutter. When installing the system, it is necessary to provide for the slope of the gutters in order to ensure an independent drainage of water. Usually the slope is 2-3 cm per linear meter. The number of pipes and funnels depends on the amount of precipitation. It is recommended to install one funnel per 10 meters of the gutter. If the length of the gutter reaches 15-20 m, then it is recommended to install two water intake funnels. If precipitation in the summer season is quite abundant, then gutters and drainpipes are recommended to be installed in a square shape, since they are able to pass much more water than others.

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