Lead Conversion With The Best SEO Packages Malaysia

Lead Conversion With The Best SEO Packages Malaysia

Lead generation is how we make sales in the digital world. But having leads does not mean we have sales. Lead generation is only successful if we can turn these visitors into actual customers. SEO packages Malaysia does the job of yielding and driving higher traffic to our website. But the high traffic means little to nothing if you do not convert the lead into sales. 

First of all, what is a lead? You gain a lead when someone broadcasts interest in the products you have displayed on the website. If this were a real-life store, the lead here would be the customer who walked in through the front door. Perhaps they were attracted to the store because of the aesthetics, or the sales sign. They will talk to the salesperson and maybe sign up for a membership after getting a little something for themselves.

This person in the digital world would be referred to as a lead. They are exploring the business website and give their information to the business. Maybe the email, signup, even a phone number. By any means, they are now in the marketing funnel of the business. However, the funnel is not successful until they make a full conversion- that is a sale. 

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Generating leads begin with your marketing funnel. The marketing funnel has five stages of the consumer journey starting from the awareness,  interest, evaluation,  commitment, and finally a sale. A sale is the representation of the conversion you did. 

Many call it a day after working on the first part of the funnel and expect it to roll on itself. But the reality is for conversions to happen you have to accommodate every stage of the consumer. Awareness does not happen without SEO packages and strategies. A good content marketing plan accompanied with the power of the google algorithm is how your consumer will begin to notice you. But what’s next?

Once they are aware of you, your job does not stop. You should keep converting them from one stage to another. The final and the sweetest part of the entire funnel is the last and that’s conversion. Where conversion happens is where you put double the effort in their interest in you. Let’s take a closer look at some practical lead conversion strategies that you can use for your small business. 

First, you have to have a clear understanding of the lead you have generated. What stage are they in? Did they leave their cart abandoned right after scrolling? When was the last time they opened your email? Did they show any signs of activities before? Is this their first time buying from you or their second time? Each and every lead has some unique interaction with your business. Study their intention with the business and why they are here. Fulfilling their needs is how we get the conversion in place. 

A lot of the time we also tend to ignore the power of a good email copy. Personally, we barely read any emails that come from business pages or the random mail list we signed up to. So it only makes sense to think that email copies might not appear as effective. However, the reality is that email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools to bring about conversion. People tend to take what’s on the mail a lot more seriously than what they see on social media. A power email copy has a great call-to-action message that compels the customer to make a decision. 

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A good email strategy should also accompany a strong headstart on the awareness stage. A customer who is already aware of your brand should still be in consistent touch with your brand. Brand exposure makes a big difference to the conversion rate. The more you are visible and exposed to the customer, the more they are likely to include you in their evoked set of brands. This is the brand they immediately go to as soon as they recognize a problem or a need for a product related to your business. 

For example, you are a consumer who is looking for a sturdy laptop for his or her studies. You do not possibly go through every possible laptop manufacturer to find the best one for your needs. You only look at the brands you are already aware of and have been in somewhat contact with. To shine bright among all of these brands that are in the evoked set, get your powerful email copy, obtain the best SEO packages, stay on top of social media ads, be active and use effective communication channels to stay connected.