PADI Diving Course in Malaysia: Travlapp

PADI Diving Course in Malaysia: Travlapp

PADI scuba diving course in Malaysia is a famous activity that involves the ocean territory. Standing among others like sightseeing or playing kites next to the beach, scuba diving surely has its own reputation as an outdoor venture for people. Though scuba diving safety is a must, if you are a fan of one, you surely have heard of PADI. They are the world’s largest scuba diving training and membership organization, started by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson in 1966. They decided to create a diver training course that would allow divers to get in the water as soon as possible while remaining safe, and they opted to divide it into many sections. PADI has about 6,300 dive centers across the world and over 136,000 members. The majority of whom are instructors and divemasters.

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If it is difficult for you to find a place where you can get your own PADI scuba diving course, Travlapp got you covered! They offered a great offer for their courses either you are a beginner or experienced divers. They have covered the locations like Perhentian Island, Tenggol, Pulau Tioman and in Sabah. When applying for one, make sure you have all the basics swimming skills and you are comfortable in the water and you are good to go. All planning activities that have taken place can be refunded 7 days more before your booked date. Pass the 7 days, you will not get your refund. The packages mentioned will not include any extra charges when it comes to equipment rental. Every booking can be made via tel number or through their official email. 

The most affordable one would be the PADI Scuba Diving Course For Beginners In Perhentian Island package. It will have 4 days for the duration, 4 divers, and both gear rental and boat transfer are available. Note that this package is available from March until October. You will have the necessary brief from the instructor, some quizzes, knowledge reviews, and more. Also, tests like theory, swim, and floats will be conducted. You will be staying at the dorm room, a Quiver Dive Resort near Coral Bay and you will have access to the Deluxe Room at Cocohut Longbeach. To reach Kuala Besut, you will either go by flight, bus, or car. After landing through the flight, note that you need at least 18 hours of rest before starting as you will have the risk of decompression sickness. 

This and the other three packages are what Travlapp has to offer. One of their hottest packages is on Tioman Island. With a maximum of 6 divers, it also comes with 4 days of duration. You will be staying at a hotel with comfortable features like an air-con, your own mini-fridge, and more. For Sabah, you will get the same features, with 4 divers maximum. It will be available from January until December and you will be staying at Houssana Village.  Lastly in Tenggol, with 3 days duration and 4 divers maximum, it will be available from March until October. You will be staying at Permata Resort in Dungun. So what are you waiting for? Check these and more at Travlapp and get those flipping feet going!