Taking Care Of Your Brand New Wooden Floors

Taking Care Of Your Brand New Wooden Floors

So have you recently renovated your floors? Or revamped your flooring to get some beautiful feel of the home? Splurging a little on the best chemical manufacturer Malaysia has to offer is not the hard part of getting super flat and beautifully made flooring. The harder part is maintaining the look of the flooring. 

Even though it is hard, people still don’t skimp on the beauty of wooden floors. They bring an elegant, modern look to your home that floors simply cannot. They complement well with our home decor and brighten the colors of the home. They go well with any theme we choose to have and they are fun to look at. They are also the perfect addition to your home if you want to completely change the look of your new home. 

So how can you maintain your brand new wooden floor for a long time? Here are some tips that you need to look out for! 

Don’t’ Mop Them Up 

Maybe this is common sense, or may it’s not but it is always safe to keep your wooden floor dry and away from water. It is never a good idea to use a bucket of water and mop on your hardwood floors. Wooden floors can easily suck in the water and bulge up as a result. It can also cause the wooden floor to get weaker and break as well. What’s more, it can even affect the colouring of your floor over time? We certainly don’t want to see our expensive wooden flooring go to a waste because of discolouration. 

Take Out Your Loud Vacuum Cleaner 

As much as you hate your vacuum or your cat hates you vacuum, it’s time to take it. Your wooden floor needs it at least once or twice a week. While wet mopping is never a good idea, vacuuming is your gentle alternative. But be sure to not get some rough wheeled vacuum cleaner for your home. These can cause scratches in your floor and these are things we would like to avoid in our new home!

Read The Label Of Your Cleaners

Not every cleaner, disinfectant and sanitizer we use if suitable for our wooden floors. Some are extremely harsh or some are just useless for our hardwood floors. Does your cleaner have any hint of alkaline products? Or does it have a high strength of ammonia in them? It is best to keep your wooden flooring away from any of these products as well. When investing in cleaners, it is important to stay away from polishes that only contribute to dirt building up on your floor. 

Some people like to take a different level of interest in their cleaning products. They like to experiment from their own homes with their own DIY concoctions. Sometimes these concoctions may do more harm than good. Even if they are natural, a solution of vinegar or lemon is never a good idea for your brand new wooden floorings. 

Splurge For Some Carpets And Rugs

Wooden floorings deserve to be praised and complemented with the aid of rugs and carpets. These additions are not only great for the decor of your home, but they are also wonderful to maintain your wooden flooring. They can prevent any damage from spills, any indentations from sharp objects and so many other hazards to your floor.