Batu Caves

Batu Caves is one of the most beautiful attractions in Malaysia. Not just that, Batu Caves is also one of the most important religious sites for Hindus. An important aspect for Hindu Malaysians especially during Thaipusam, a religious festival for Hindus. The Batu Caves temple was completed in 1891, which makes the temple 130 years old as of 2021.

The temple attracts more than a million devotees and visitors every year during Thaipusam. There is also an eight-hour procession of ceremony and music. Devotees will leave offerings for the statue of Lord Murugan, the God Of War in Hindu mythology.

So, here are the things that you need to know before visiting Batu Caves


If you do not like to wake up early, then best of luck! It is advised to get up early and go there early if you want to avoid the crowds and the sun. Once you arrive at the time where people will normally come and visit, you have to wait in the long queue. Which is not ideal for some people. Explore around the caves before the sun starts shining as it will be very hot and sweaty to walk up the 272 steps of Batu Caves under the hot Malaysian sun.


No matter which religious site you are visiting, you also have to mind the dress code. When visiting Batu Caves, you have to make sure you are dressed in appropriate attire. Men have to wear t-shirts and shorts or pants. For women, they have to wear long dresses or pants and their shoulders must be covered. You can even rent a sarong for around RM5.


You need to be wary of the monkeys around Batu Caves. Make sure to take care of your belongings as they (monkeys) have the reputation to grab people’s personal belongings away. It is advisable to not feed the monkeys. If the monkeys start showing signs of aggression such as showing their teeth, it is time to back off from the monkeys.


Not just a tourist attraction, Batu Caves is also a religious site. You have to be mindful and respectful when visiting Batu Caves. Be respectful and do not disturb the devotees during their prayers.


  • Admission to enter Batu Caves is free of charge 
  • It is open all year everyday from 7:00AM – 7:00PM
  • Bring extra clothes are the wild caves are muddy
  • The area is not handicap-friendly. Senior travellers may have difficulty going up the stairs to the entrance
  • Bring your own drinking water if you get thirsty while climbing up the stairs or touring around the Batu Caves
Batu Caves

So there’s that. Do you plan to visit Batu Caves one day? It is a beautiful religious attraction site, and we should go there at least once to admire the attraction with our own eyes. In Malaysia, we should appreciate that we have a multicultural society as we get to appreciate the beauty of other cultures without having to leave the doorstep (figuratively).

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