What’s Your Interior Design Style

What’s Your Interior Design Style

You are planning to install an operable wall system from Malaysia. However, have you decided on your home’s interior design style? This is one of the questions that, as designers, we keep asking our customers. Today we want to ask you! Have a look at this list before renovating or building your house in Malaysia so that you can have a clear picture of what your home is going to be like. Also, you don’t want to end up having a combination of interior design styles that don’t compliment each other.

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  • Scandinavian

Consider Scandinavian interior design if you want a modest but welcoming home (or Scandi). The idea of hygge, a Danish phrase that loosely translates to “cosiness,” is one of the most important aspects of Scandinavian design. It’s about appreciating the little things in life as well as bringing a sense of cosiness into the home. “Affordably priced, useful furnishings, crafted using organic elements and classical, craftsmanship, has been at the core of Scandi style,” according to Home Beautiful. You can find out a lot regarding a country by looking at its homes, and that in Denmark, the majority of houses look the same: white walls, wooden flooring, clean surfaces, as well as smart, designer details.

  • Industrial

The industrial style, as the name suggests, is inspired by warehouses or urban lofts. Many elements have an unfinished original feel, and exposed bricks, pipes and wood are not uncommon. The iconic residence with an industrial design theme will be a refurbished attic in an old industrial building. Think of high ceilings, old wood and metal chandeliers, with sparse practical furniture. One or more photography pieces or abstract art may be present to offer a splash of colour to the moderate colour palette of the main components, which are made of metal and metal.

  • Organic Modern

It’s unpretentious, appealing, and comfortable. It has a clean look and colour palette, but instead of incorporating extra colours, this style focuses on combining neutral materials and textures to generate interest. In this style, you’ll find plenty of light-toned woods and laid-back textiles combined with signature brass, black, as well as chrome lighting.

  • Eclectic

By incorporating elements from different cultures, decorating styles, and eras, the eclectic style of home décor is highly individual. Think Moroccan rugs and antlers, mismatched dated chairs, and French cotton. Careful retouching and the use of colour and texture to unite disparate components is the key to producing an eclectic aesthetic. To keep a consistent look throughout the house, use the material at least two or three times in various locations.

  • Bohemian

In both fashion and home design, the bohemian style is very trendy. It portrays a casual way of life in which there are basically no rules other than to do whatever you like. Vintage furnishings and lighting, internationally influenced textiles and carpets, collections showcases, and collectables obtained in a variety of places, such as flea markets and while travelling, may all be bought in the 4,444 boho homes.