Why The Ocean Is important to us?

Why The Ocean Is important to us?

As we all know, our Earth’s surface is 70 percent covered by a huge amount of water which is called the ocean. The ocean is basically like the heart of the Earth because it provides many sources such as water, food, life, and many more. It is known that only 5 percent part of the ocean has been discovered by human and the rest of it are still in mystery and yet to be discovered. The ocean is only be discovered by the professional divers that have been trained to be diving through the risk in the ocean. If you are interested to get trained to be a professional scuba diver, you can go to and take a diving course malaysia.

Did you know that our ocean has brought many benefits that are really important for us? We may not know this but it is true that the ocean is really important to us. For those who not know, these are the reasons why the ocean is important to us. 

  1. The ocean produces oxygen for humans.

We might think that the Amazon, also known as the lungs of the Earth because it is the largest rainforest in the world. Because Amazon has a lot of trees, we thought that oxygens on Earth are coming from there. In fact, Amazon just provides 28 percent of oxygen on Earth while the other 70 percent are coming from the oceans. So, how does the ocean provide oxygen for us? Actually, it is not the ocean that produces the oxygen but it was the phytoplankton that lives in the ocean. Phytoplankton is a microscopic plant and they will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to the air. This is the same process as the photosynthesis process where green plants on the land will absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The oxygen is for humans to be able to breathe on Earth.

  1. The ocean is a source of food.

Beneath the ocean, there are many marine life that lives in the ocean. It has become the number one source of protein that is beneficial for humans. People will go to the ocean to catch some fish or any seafood and bring it back to the land for people to eat. Other than fishes, sea plants such as seaweed also can be eaten by human because it is a good source of vitamins and minerals which can help to boost our immune system. 

  1. Jobs related to the ocean.

Instead of becoming the source of living for human, it also become one of the job source for human too. There are many jobs that are related to the ocean such as marine researcher, scuba diver instructor, oil rig worker, marine scientist, and many more. Because of ocean is not fully discovered yet, the researchers have took this job to research more about the ocean and they try to discover more parts of the ocean. Other than that, there are many resources that are located in the ocean such as oil, petroleum, minerals, and many more. So, that is why there are peoples that working in the ocean to get the natural resources to be used for the humankind.

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