Have you ever wondered about the world of the sea?

Have you ever wondered about the world of the sea?

The sea is an important existence in the world as well as for human beings. The sea, also known as the ocean or simply just the ocean, is a body of salty water that covers roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface, consisting of the original seven, the Atlantic, the Indian, the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic and the Mediterranean. The sea is home to a diverse range of organisms which includes bacteria, animals, algae, plants and many others. Therefore, the sea provides a range of marine habitats and ecosystems that caters to the needs of the living organism. The word Marine is used to describe things relating to the sea or to the animals and plants that live in the sea but it can also be used to describe those related to ships and their movement at the sea. 

With navigation, it is the art and science in determining the position of a ship’s, plane’s, or other vehicle’s and guiding it to a specific destination. Navigation necessitates knowing the vehicle’s relative location, or position in relation to other known locations. Navigators use degrees to measure distance on the globe. Understanding latitude and longitude is critical for navigation as without knowing the direction, people are bound to get lost at sea. In current times, the aspects of navigation have greatly improved up to the point of creating the GPS, Global Positioning System for people around the world. The GPS is a satellite navigation system consisting of at least 24 satellites and it works without fail across the globe without having to pay a single cent. Well, not including the price of the devices used by the people.

However, with the increased number of ships on the sea, there are bound to have problems emerging from it. For example, imagine the ship that brought hundreds tons of contena got overturn by the ocean and miraculously the workers are fine but the contena would get lost in the sea which would further damage the structure and content of the ocean. People might think that oh, it might be one or two ships a year but the amount of ships going through the ocean has increased substantially with the high demand of products. In Malaysia itself, the amount of delivery and products bought have increased significantly. One might just need the best marine company in Malaysia to cater to that.

Container ship arriving in port, container ship going to deep sea port, logistic business import export shipping and transportation, Aerial view.

The oceans of the world are indeed under such threat as marine pollution is getting worse and worse such as marine engineering and oil drilling, the destruction of ecosystem and habitat, the rising of sea temperature and much more. Of course, the number one problem is the plastic as the ocean becomes a toxic waste killing hundreds of marine animals and creatures daily. The aftereffect of it would come back to haunt us, the human as human being ate the creatures in the sea. There is no other time than right now to promote the crisis of the ocean and its habitat.