Items Used in Traditional Medication

Items Used in Traditional Medication

Traditional Medication

Traditional medication has been a part of us from the olden times. Usually, these beliefs on traditional medication and home remedies are usually brought down from generation to generation. It is also different and it varies from the different cultures and races, on the remedies and medication that they believe in. If you want to make sure you are cured properly, you should contact the Best liver specialist in Malaysia. Usually, when the term traditional medication comes up, people would think of the medicine man or home remedies you can make at home with herbs from the back of your garden. However, it is actually a booming business market these days, like for example, you can easily find Chinese traditional medications at a local Chinese herbal medicine shop in KL. Most of the customers are from people who believed in a traditional method are the best. Some of these medicines contain fertilisers as well.

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Traditional Chinese medicine is not always something that must be consumed but as a way of life, they have several practices like tai chi. Although people usually associate traditional Chinese medication with herbal ointments and products that must be consumed. And for the most part, it is. Traditional Chinese medication usually comprises of herbs and spices that they believe can benefit the body. The ingredients and herbs that are commonly used in Chinese traditional medicine are herbs like ginseng, walnuts, cinnamon, ginger and many more. Make sure you get the right 馬來西亞高膽固醇中藥保肝寧.

The most common ingredient we see is ginseng. We can always see that they have ginseng extracts or ginseng being put into foods. Ginseng is one of the famous herbs known when associated with traditional Chinese medicine and also known as the human root as its shape resembles a bit like a human body. Ginseng is proven to be antioxidant that helps cleanse the body.


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Ginger is another very popular ingredient in not only traditional Chinese medicine but also in Chinese food. They usually incorporate these herbs and spices into their food as they believe in their healing abilities. Ginger is said to be really helpful indigestion issues. Check out Hepatitis medication and treatment in Malaysia to live a healthy life!