The Perfect Fruits For A Fruit Salad

The Perfect Fruits For A Fruit Salad

There are so many reasons why we crave a mean salad. Even on the busiest days of our lives, there is nothing a good salad cannot fix. They are the perfect meal to fill us, give us nutrients, energize us and boost our health. 

And there are absolutely more than one way to make salads. Some people like their salads with a handful of couscous. While others fancy themselves a bowl of spinach with some cherry tomatoes and vinaigrette dressing. On the other hand, there are also people who want a little bit of sweet and sour in their salads. For this combination many like to incorporate fruits into their diet.

How can we make a fruit salad, the way we make a huge bowl of big green leafy salads? Is it any better than the green salads we are so accustomed to? A fruit salad is a perfect way to incorporate your daily need for five portions of fruits. Some get their exclusive imported fruits delivery online Malaysia to make their delicious fruit salad. Some just go to the wet market in their neighborhood to get some local produce. No matter where we source our fruits from, the benefits of a fruit salad remain the same and the comfort is also the same. 

But the fruit we use in the salad makes all the difference. What are some of the best fruits we can incorporate into a salad? Here are some perfect fruits for your zesty fruit salad! 


Grapes are the perfect, sweet little edibles in our salad. They are in the shapes of olives and much like an olive, it packs flavour in the tiny round goodness. How do we get the perfect balance of sweet with tangy without a handful of grapes in the mix? Grapes go along with many other fruits and salad mixes and juices on top like coconut water. 

Apple And Pears

Apples and pears could be a backbone of our salad. They are crunchy, can be caramelized for the salad, and can be made into bite sized shapes for fun treats. Both of these have extremely good benefits for our body. They are associated with the functioning of our heart, eyes and vital organs of the body. Including apples and pears in a fresh salad definitely won’t hurt you or me. It will bring a sweet watery flavour to both your sweet fruit salad and even vegetable salad. So if you are feeling extra fun, don’t forget to toss in some apples and pears into your big green leafy bowl. 


What’s a fruit salad without some zest balancing out the sweetness. Orange is the perfect combination for sweet fruits. Their juice can act as a dressing and the pulp can be extra fun to eat in the bowl. Orange packs a huge load of vitamin C for us  in the fruit. So if you are missing your daily dose of vitamin C don’t forget to cut up an orange and place it in your salad.


Pineapples go with everything. Recent findings have been clear evidence of pineapple’s clear diversity. People use pineapple in cakes, pies, juices, and even pizza. So imagine the combination of pineapple in our fruit salads. Pineapples are sweet, low in calories, nutritious, and perfect for those craving something sweet. It also goes very well with spicy combinations so much like an apple or a pear, does toss it in your spinach and big romaine lettuce salad.