What To Put Inside Your Handbag?

What To Put Inside Your Handbag?

Slingbag? Handbag? Or any other bag, as a woman we have tons of handbags and we carried them almost every day. I mean come on, you have to have a couple of handbags to pair with your outfits. But with plenty of handbags that we have, what do we put inside of them? Some bags might have small space some might have a spacious space inside of them. 

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Here are some of the important items that you might need to put inside your handbags. 


It is important for you to always carry your id and your license. So make sure that no matter where you are going, you always need to bring your purse with some money and your id. 

Pads or Tampons 

It is always good to be prepared for any kind of situation. Even if you keep track of your cycle it’s never a bad idea to carry tampons or pads with you. Maybe you can use it to help other women that are in need or maybe you cycle cam out a little bit earlier this month. So always keep at least one pad or tampon inside your handbags. 

Self-defense weapon 

As a woman, we are being exposed to danger almost every second of our lives. To be safe, you can always carry a self-defense weapon inside your bag, this will give you that feeling of extra security especially when you are by yourself. It can be a simple pepper spray or a stun gun or a taser. Nowadays, there is a lot of suitable design for this self-defense weapon that we can easily carry in our small bags. 

Hand sanitizer 

Germs are everywhere and our hands touch everything throughout the day. Who knows what types of germs we have on our hands. Especially now, through this pandemic, we want to be extra cautious and safe with anything. So it is good if we can always carry a small hand sanitizer inside our bags. There is a variety of hand sanitizer that comes with great smells, one of them is Dr.Clo that is proven to be effective against Covid 19. 

Hair elastic 

Sometimes it can be really hot throughout the day, or maybe when you are eating you want your hair to be out of the way. But then, you realize that you have no extra hair ties and this is the most annoying feeling for any woman. So to avoid this problem, make sure that you always have extra hair ties in your bags. It never hurt to have a couple of them thrown into your handbags. 


We always get hungry. And that is a fact that nobody can argue with. To avoid being cranky or being annoyed at other people you should definitely throw your favorite snack inside your bags. It can be a healthy energy bar or it can sweet treats as a small chocolate bar. 


We can get stuck in any type of situation and while being stuck there we would usually want to listen to music or watch a movie. To not make any noise in the public and to make sure that we are being civilian with common sense, please bring an earphone in your handbag. You will thank yourself when you realize that you have a pair of earphones with you, whenever you are outside.